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One of the greatest discoveries you can make, one of your greatest surprises, is to learn how to use Vision Boards for attracting success.


By the use of Vision Boards, you can learn to think like history's best minds. You are about to discover one of the secrets that these famous, powerful and wealthy individuals used to create their fame and fortune, but I must warn you it is not anything you've ever heard talked of before. In this practical manual I will explain you how to think like a genius.

The Power of Vision

To ensure that you develop the skills for mental relaxation and observation, this manual will explain simple, however, highly effective learning techniques that I personally used to harness the power of my mind. These techniques are known as "Graphs Theory", "Structure Analysis" and "Business Objects". For your benefit, I have combined and refined these techniques into an easy method - The Vision Boards Method. This simple mental practice will help you achieve the mental relaxation to learn, analyze and find optimal solutions to any problem. Even if you're not a genius, you can use "Vision Boards" and learn to think as the greatest mind in history. Perhaps the most fascinating experience is when your learn to use Vision Boards to attract the events and circumstances that you want in your life.


Gradually, as you practice "Vision Board" to learn and analyze the principles that I will share in this book, you will achieve the mental relaxation for self-mastery and optimal fitness. Self-mastery is the ability to know and understand your mind and body at the deepest level, and to make the changes, both mentally and physically, for managing your emotional and intellectual state. Self-mastery is necessary for learning how to relax and grow smart. Self-mastery operates on the premise that with training and practice of the fundamental principles, we can grow and achieve everything we want.

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Here is what you will receive when you order "The Vision Boars System":

Item #1:

Power of Relaxation Audio-CD
This tape will make act and think in favor of success. By listening to this tape, you will relax you mind and learn: - Mind relaxation
- Mental conditioning
- Habits control
- Goal setting
- Active Meditation


Item #2:

Vision Boards for Success
This simple yet highly effective manual teaches powerful visualization techniques that will allow you to increase your creativity and hardness the power of your mind to attract the results that want. The program includes SET-BY-SET and DAY-BY-DAY instructions.


Item #3:

Overcoming Obstacles
Hard Copy version

A number of mentors, (including myself) receive questions on a regular basis asking for guidance on how to move beyond various obstacles.

It's time for this emotional spiral to stop and my friend's feel the same way. Therefore I'm honored and excited to tell you about a massive project that has been completed for your benefit!

Item #4:

Online Coaching
One Year Membership

You have access to our entire library of video, audios, articles and e-books from some of the best mind in personal development and success.


As I really want you to benefit from “The Vision Boards System”,
I am extending a special offer for the first 100 people.

ONLY $49.95!
Regular Price $100

Take a look at just a few of our Mentors....

(Remember we have many more!)

Bob Proctor

Jack Canfield

Oswaldo Koch

Loral Langemeier

Wayne Dyer

Bob Doyle

Brian Tracy

Marshall Sylver

Jim Rohn

Ken Varga

Lee Milteer

Joe Vitale

Vic Johnson

Nordine Zouareg

Susan Gilbert

Frank Macquire

From the desk of Oswaldo Koch

I have been asked to be part of a multi-media compendium that includes myself and 49 other mentors. Our purpose is to guide you through the rough times many are experiencing right now.

We have banded together to do this for you!!!

Understand that this NOT a book of "woes". It is a book teaching you how to OVERCOME what is standing in your way of realizing what you want.

An obstacle can stop your life from going right. You will hear about obstacles with embezzlers, deals that were dropped, job lay-offs, duplicity, false accusations, derision, divorce, losing kids, the death of a child, partner or vital business associate, being abandoned by your father, economic setbacks, government attacks, a law change that suddenly made a business illegal.

We call the word "Obstacles", by a thousand and one names...

I sincerely hope this project will help to bring you peace and move you forward on the life you want to live.

Oswaldo Koch, MBA, P.Eng.,Fitness Traininer


As I really want you to benefit from “Vision Boards for Success”,
I am extending a special offer for the first 100 people.

ONLY $49.95!
Regular Price $100

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