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By Oswaldo Koch, Creator of Mastermoves

After I finished my engineering degree, I worked as a mainframe computer programmer for a petroleum company. For several years I use Vision Boards techniques to analyze and make complex system obvious and simple to understand. I learned advanced applications of Vision Board techniques while doing graduate studies in computer sciences. The topic of Vision Boards was mentioned during a fascinating class about Discrete Mathematics.

Discrete mathematics allows you to explore unique problem situations that are not directly approachable through writing an equation or applying a common formula. You are often required to visualize the situation through developing a model or another form or graphical representation. The theory of discrete mathematics does not require learning a large number of definitions and theorems, but it does require a sharp and inquisitive mind.

Step One: Set clear goals and the relationship to your central main goal.

Vision Board can help you to develop a concentrated and inquisitive mind. Daily practice of mental concentration and visualization is required to master the use of Vision Boards. But let me warn you. If you're expecting complex systems, you are in for a surprise. Perhaps, the most difficult part is learning how to relax you mind and body. If you already know how to relax, you are 50% ahead of the game.

During my search on Vision Boards, I bought many books of the leading expert of mind control, meditation, relaxation and physiology. Upon failing to make an simple way to teach how utilize the Law of Attraction, I then sought out and tested techniques from NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and the Silva Mind Control method. I tested every feature, read through all the books on visualization and mind control, and practice countless hours of relaxation and meditation techniques.

This is what I found; Of the many books and products that teach you how to make Vision Boards: Before creating your Vision Boards, you need to train your mind for relaxation and meditation. Given these findings, you might rightfully ask why anyone would want to pay for the commercial software to make Vision boards? The answer usually comes down to the following points:

Step Two: Set clear objectives and deadlines

Most people don't know that a Vision Board is a simple technique, or which of the many books or programs will actually do the job (keep it simple).
Most people are afraid to experiment with unknown techniques, with no support and with no idea if the Vision Board does work or not.
Most people do not have the time to search out and test the different techniques to create effective Vision Boards.

Step Three: Track the results of your objectives.

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